Thursday, June 20, 2013

Julep DD Crème & Concealer Review

I purchased Julep's June Maven box because I was intrigued with the notion of a never seen before DD crème and concealer. With all the hype over BB and CC creams I just had to check it out. However, after trying out the products in my box, I was very disappointed with the results.

The DD Crème was only available in four shades: Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark. I went with the Light shade, and though I don't consider myself the fairest girl in the world, it was still a bit too dark for my skin tone. If I was having issues with color matching then my fairer sister and mother would definitely have a problem with Julep's color options. I read reviews that others had a similar problem, but I wonder if anyone had the reverse problem with their darkest shade being too light for them. Hopefully, in the future Julep will expand their color range to better suit client needs.

But color wasn't the only problem I had. I also got a ton of shine from using this product. While it's great the product contains SPF, I had to use a loose powder over it to help with the shine. For a product that claims to be a dynamic-do-all, I sure feel I'd get more out benefit using a variety of other products together than using this one crème. The concealer was a bit better, but I didn't feel it was anything to write home about. I didn't see any benefits to justify the price compared to a typical concealer, and the portion size was quite small! Now, I'm really glad I didn't buy their Double Duty Makeup Brush! While the brush may work amazingly well, I already have a few brush sets and would have only purchased the brush to go with the DD products that I ended up disliking.

This was the first time since becoming a Julep Maven that I had been disappointed in their products. Trying a new product before testing it or doing research is always a gamble, so being a conscious shopper is important. Learning how to read ingredient labels and knowing what a product can really do for you is an important part of shopping for cosmetics and skin care products. You can't just trust the claims the brand makes or judge a product based on its packaging. However, I decided to take the risk trying out this product since I would be getting it for a fraction of the cost. But I won't be buying this product again, especially at the retail price. Sometimes, you luck out and other times you end up with a product that doesn't work for you. You have to decide if it's worth the cost to try out a brand new product or if it's better to wait until others have sampled and reviewed it.

While I had my first bad experience with Julep, this doesn't deter me from ever shopping with them again or trying new products. My love for Julep continues-I  just picked up a few new things from their first Warehouse Sale (post to follow)!

Did you try Julep's DD Crème or Concealer? What shade did you try and what did you think of it?

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