Friday, May 30, 2014

Color Me Monthly May 2014

Sirens, today I have a special treat for you! I received the most gorgeous shade from CMM!!


there from a distance
the most beautiful song calls
across the frontier


I was actually really surprised by this month's color. I could not control my excitement when I finally opened up the box to find this shade! The color is so gorgeous and the name is perfect!! This sea blue/green is absolutely a color I would have chosen for myself and one I would wear again. As I was just debating if this subscription is worth the money, I get a polish like this! I am signed up to get next month's color, so I will see if CMM is spot on with their next color choice. Otherwise, I think I will cancel because I feel I get more for my money with other subscription services. Plus I can always go out and purchase a polish I know I'll definitely love for the price of this subscription.
Total Cost: $7.00
What do you think of this month's color? 
 If you would like to sign up for Color Me Monthly for $7/Month visit

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