Thursday, January 16, 2014

Em Cosmetics Black Friday Purchase

I really liked the Creamy Color Sheer Lipstick I received in my November Ipsy bag, so I decided to try another type along with some waterliners during EM Cosmetics Black Friday sale. I received $50 off my $100 order!
Creamy Color Classic Lipstick
Retail $16.50 Each
I swatched all three colors on my hand and on my lips. For some reason they swatched more true to color on the back of my hand. The color seems more toned down in my lip swatches probably due to the lighting. Wow Pink really packs a punch, but it just doesn't do it justice in the lip swatch.
Cuddle Up Pink, Don't Tell Mom, Wow Pink

Cuddle Up Pink

Don't Tell Mom

Wow Pink
 (Rose Gold, Turquoise, and Teal Tease)
Retail $20.00 Each
I love the Turquoise shade, but have gotten the most use out of Rose Gold. It works beautifully on my waterline when I use my Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio and Immortal Love Kat Von D Autograph Pencil on my top lid.
Free Samples: The Everything CC, The Great Cover Up
Did you take advantage of Em Cosmetics' Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale?
If so, what did you get? If  not, where did you shop?

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