Tuesday, October 1, 2013

T.J.Maxx Hair Care Purchase

I was in T.J.Maxx a few weeks ago and while I was there I picked up a couple of hair care products. This was a couple of days before I completely finished my Project 10 Pan and while I have been so careful not to buy any makeup during this mini project, I didn't give much thought to hair products. I don't typically buy hair products often, so I guess it didn't really occur to me that they would also be excluded even though I had some in the project!! I'm not usually that tempted to buy any, but I recently got a new hair cut and wanted to get a couple of things to maintain my new style. I was so drawn in by the pretty turquoise and teal packaging that I didn't really think about the products I currently had sitting at home.

Hair Care Purchase
Biosilk Volumizing Therapy
Compare at $16.00 on sale for $7.99!
I like to use mouse to add volume to my hair before blow drying! I've used Biosilk products in the past but this particular one is new to me.

Aquelle Marine Therapy Spray
Compare at $14.95 on sale for $5.99!
I am not familiar with this brand at all, but was in love with the color! This product works well to create a light hold.
Technically I think I might have two similar products still in my stock, so do you think this counts as cheating? I will have to be more on guard during my next project. But I will say that while I've held back from shopping for cosmetics during this project, it didn't really prevent me from shopping so much as postpone my purchases. But I am still determined to try again. If for no other reason, this project has got me to finally use up some of my samples to make room for some new product!

What kind of hair care products do you typically use? Where do you like to shop for them?


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